Impounding Dam: Irrigation System of Kirang Farmers

Mt. Torre

located at purok 7- Timmory. It has a rich forest and a perfect place for hiking and adventure and is known to be the highest peak mountain in the entire Aritao.

Kirang Pass: A Historical Place

Mount Malussong

Rocky Falls

Located in Purok 7, Balite, Rocky falls was named such because of its rock formation. The falls features three levels of free-flowing water, the first level is about 7 meters high, the second one is 10-12 meters high, and the third level, is the shortest one with only about 2-3 meters height. Surrounding the falls are wild orchids, caladium, and dapo (birds’ nest). It be reached within a 30-minute trek or 10 minutes ride from the barangay hall.

Bato Falls

Bato Falls is made out of succeeding rocks, making the water descend in staircase-like manner. At the last part of the falls’ trail is a giant polished rock where swimmers can slide and fall on a cold and clear mass of water. Indeed, Bato falls is a near get-away for people looking for a short hiking and cool surrounding. It is one of the places in Ocao where one can truly be close to  nature.