10 November 2022 – The PDEA Provincial Office and Region 2 visited and inspected the Balay Silangan of the Municipality of Aritao. The said facility is an MLGU-led program designed to provide a family-based in-house reformation center for drug offenders and reformists. This facility is vital for the LGU to provide interventions that shall include, but not limited to, education and health, psychological/ spiritual/ physical activities, and livelihood or employment education to the reformists. They can have a chance to reform their lives and to prevent them from using and selling illegal drugs again.

It is our goal to have a drug-free locality, and one way to achieve it is to help the reformists, so the Inspection was attended by MLGOO Ronald Escobar, the Aritao PNP headed by PCapt. Roger C. Visitacion, MSWDO headed by Marlon Guzman, and the Municipal Mayor Remelina Peros-Galam, M.D.