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Ecological Profile

Historical and Tourist Spots 

  • Highway Based Tourist
  1. Lopez’ Farm (Host of Agri-Masa 2001)
  2. Comon Rock (Big Stones with Diorite & Granite)
  3. Peros Park (Big Stones with Granite and Mango Trees)
  4. Noc-Noc Dam (abundant of water and fish cages)
  • Eco-Tourist Spots
  1. Kirang-Saddle (Defense Force of Japanese Regime)
  2. Canabuan Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Mt. Enordenan Eco-Tourism Site


Sister City

            Marikina City is the sister city of Aritao


Barangay Development Strategies


  • Construction of Farm to Market Road
  • Provisions of Post Harvest Facilities
  • Provision of Basic Health Services
  • Development of Potential Eco-Tourism
  • Restoration/Reforestation of Denuded Forests
  • Adoption of Modern Sustainable Agricultural Farming Technology.
  • Fish Production Development
  • Support to Economic/Market Development
  • Agricultural Infrastructure Facilities